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Hi Doctor,


I need some information about Small "echogeni foci "which is noted in mid and lower pole of left  kidney. The report says Calculi?? Sinus echoes what does this mean

Any kidney stones ??


Right Kidney measure 107x42mm

Left Kidney measure 95x43mm


Both kidneys normal in size, shape and echopattern. Pelvicalyceal system appears normal on both sides.

Any treatment is needed or will it subside. Also pain in lower part of abdomen has anything to with it.






















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Hi Nalini. The pain in the lower abdomen is unlikely to be related to the kidney. However I would like to know if there is a history of urinary infections in the recent past. Urinary infections will show up with fever and pain while passing urine. I would also suggest an urine examination the next time there is pain.

The foci could be small stones in the left kidney. If the person concerned is not suffering from colic (which is a common occurrence when there are  kidney stones) I suggest that this is ignored. If it is a stone and small in size, there is a good possibility that it will pass out on its own. However if there is pain, then it is time to consider treatment options after confirming that these are kidney stones.

Meanwhile I would suggest that you drink plenty of water everyday.

nalini, these are calculi.its not mentioned whether there are obsstretric features such as hydronephrosis so i assume its absent.

Treatment is  is usually conservative with plenty of fluids to flush it out.

Also predisposing factors like hypercacaemia, uricaemia,(by blood tests)  uti (urninary tract infection by urine test and culture) to be ruled out .

usg (ultrasound) can also be used to break stones.

Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

Got CUE done no infection detected,  will try to consume more fluids.

 Echogenic regions in the kidney need not be any abnormalities.  What type of echogenicity is important.  Whether it is hypo or hyper is important.  It may be renal stones or any abnormal cysts in the kidney.  Even stones differ in their echogenicity depending on their content of chemicals like calcium or oxalate or uric acid .  If it is hypoechoic, it may be a cyst also or an glomerous av malformation.  Do not worry much over this issue, and go to the best scan center who can give you the answer or otherwise go for aN MRI , to decide the nature of echogenicity and to know what is the pathology.

So long as the kidney measurements are normal, one need not carry any worry.




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